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 Our school is dedicated to the education, Nutrition, health, and general wellbeing of the children in our charge.  There are over 250 orphans and vulnerable children enrolled in our school.  We cater to the poorest families and children in a small village in the Greater Nairobi area of Kenya.

Most of our children come from families that are so poor that their primary source of nutrition comes from the meals they recieve at school.

Many of them are orphans and refugees who would be on the street if it were not for this charitable school, which is their source of true hope.


 Our 1st Newsletter

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6-08 pt1 Brief History 

6-08 pt6 Pics of Kids & School

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We will be adding new videos every week of school activities and the children at work and play.  We will be exploring the daily activities of the school and its beneficiaries, in an ongoing video documentary of The Compass Foundation School.

This way all of our friends and supporters can see what our children and our school are up to, and get a better idea of how our school operates.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well perhaps a video is worth a thousand pictures.


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