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  1st Quarter 2009


Hello Everyone,

It has been awhile since our last newsletter, and we are very excited by the progress that we all have made with the help of Compass Friends and donars.  The website is finally completed( ), although it is always a work in progress. 

 For those of you who don't know, the Compass School was originally set up as a feeding station for the ever increasing number of street children in this region due to the devastating effects of AIDS/HIV. 

 The founders soon realized that feeding alone would not solve the problem and these children needed a more structured regime.

The school currently provides Food, Medicare, Education, Psychosocial, Spiritual nourishment to 320 children. The children enter at pre-school level where they are assessed and the skills needed to enter the primary school system developed. By fourth grade the children are able to read, write and speak, English, Swahili, as well as speak their mother tongues e.g. Kikuyu, Nuer, Luo, etc.

 In the eighth grade the children are prepared for their certificate of primary education. This will determine entry either into High School or Technical College . To date there are over 10 children who have successfully entered High School (they are doing exemplary well and are aiming for University and third level education). Compass  Management would like to acknowledge Mr.  & Mrs. Alan Beatie (Our able representatives in Northern Ireland), Mr. & Mrs. David Walters, Mrs. Nancy Cimprich & the entire Deerfield’s 1st Presbyterian Congregation, Mrs. Nancy Bertram & entire Lakeland’s 1st Presbyterian Congregation and Miss. Melanie Brensinger for awarding scholarship to all of our students in High school. We also would like to applaud Food for the Hungry Kenya for awarding scholarships to our students in Thogoto Youth Polytechnique and the Government of Kenya for providing free tuition to all the students in the Technical schools. All this combined effort has helped to move Compass to the next level.

 upperclass girls in new uniforms

Veronica, one of the girls in high school


Since October 2007, the school has experienced a tremendous growth and efficiency. It has no doubt become a hub of social responsibility and a glowing beacon of hope to the under-privileged. 

The school started on the path of sustenance by the introduction of the following projects:-



We would like to thank the Rotary Club for their tremendous donation of our brand new bus.  Over two years in the making, what started out as a dream has finally become reality.  This brand new 29 seater Isuzu bus was purchased for our school buy the rotary club.

Since the handing over on 7th February, the bus has been used for education tours for Compass students it has also been able to generate some income for the school i.e. Kshs. 56,000. This project is also a success story. Our sincere gratitude to the Rotary clubs in Boston and Naivasha, especially Linda McKenzie, Mr. Marcos, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Beatie and Miss. Melanie Brensinger. The handing over ceremony was attended by so many members of the community.

Children celebrating the handing over of their new bus 

above: On an education tour at tea plantation


Left: Children elated about new bus

Upper class children enjoying field trip to the Rift Valley 

Vegetable farming: - we have been planting kales, spinach, carrots, and spices. This has helped in boosting the diet of the children. We want to thank Mr.  & Mrs. Alan Beatie for making it possible through the provision of funds to buy the seeds and manure, we also would like to thank Vegpro and Homegrown horticultural companies for donating vegetables to supplement the nutrition.    

Tree Nursery project: - we are currently planting all the types of species of trees found in this region and also trying to introduce the exotic ones. We have also planted the Moringa tree (known as the miracle tree) many thanks to Carol McWilliams, (the Mission Director of Compass school). Our thanks also go to Kenya ForestryDepartment.                                                                                                                                                               


Rabbits Project: - the breeding has successfully begun and there are many orders out there. This project has also been a success story in teaching our children responsibility, almost all of them want to feed and take care of rabbits.

Special thanks go to Mr.  & Mrs. Velma Beatie who funded this project to a scale of 93% provided funds to build a modern structure for the rabbits and buying rabbits. Mrs. Nancy Cimprich for adding some funds for this project.  You all made this possible.


Our country has endured prolonged drought but the rains are here with us and the pond is half way full. Our gratitude to Mr. & Mrs. Alan Beatie, Mrs. Nancy Cimprich and the Ministry of fisheries


For the last six months, we have seen God use His servants to transform Compass School in a mighty way. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following:-


o         Mr.  & Mrs. Velma Beatie, when this wonderful couple came here in August, they constructed a play park for the children through the funds that had been donated by another amazing servant of God, Isobell. They leveled the ground for Compass and put about some murram (mud proof cover) all over the compound, pioneered the fish keeping and rabbit keeping projects, built a proper gate for the Compass school in addition to helping us in so many ways.        


 The piece of land bought for Compass by the Beaties          



We would particularly like to thank the Beaties and their friends for their generous donation of the land for our Compass Foundation.  This Land will finally give us the stability and independence that we need.  Thank You and God Bless you. 

Earlier on the Beaties had bought the stoves, installed electricity, bought black shoes for the children and did so many countless things at Compass. They have consistently funded Compass in an amazing way. This land they purchased for Compass is almost the same size with where the former Compass school stood near the Church compound. This is where we hope to put up structures like the clinic, library, high school and other Compass’ expansion projects. They have sponsored my salary and that for another member of staff.

Special thanks to St. Anne’s Episcopal that was led by Fredrick and Josset during the month of December, they constructed 106 desks for the children now we have no problem with the sitting arrangement this has made learning easier. They also donated electric carpentry tools, soccer balls and snickers to the children. May God bless you as also you continue to sponsor Rhoda and Naphtali, the two amazing members of staff at the Compass school.

  • The SARDIS 2009, led by the amazing leader and Mum, Georgia Pressly, as well as Jim, Gary, Anne, Sally, Glenn, Lita, Betty, Cora, Will, Jeff, Emily, Kristen, and Donna. All the work you did is highly appreciated. The partitioning are great, they have enabled us to have a hall whenever we need it and classrooms most of the time, the basket ball rim, the basket and soccer balls, the electric carpentry tools, the sponsorship of teachers salaries for the month of February and the sponsorship of Julius Salary for a whole year. The friendship and the numerous fellowships we had together. Thank you.
  • Nancy Bertram and the entire congregation of Lakeland 1st Presbyterian, the team that came here in March led by Paul and Pastor Tim. We appreciated the VBS you had with the kids. Thanks Nancy for buying books for the school and food for the children, and for the new sewing project facility.
  • We also would like to applaud Mrs. Nancy Cimprich and her Church for sponsoring Peris (one of the trained teachers we have at the Compass school). And the scholarship of the high school students, three boys and two girls. God bless you.




 Pastor Gillette, his wife and the entire congregation of Limestone Presbyterian Church Delaware for the donation of Kshs. 61,650 for medical kitty. God bless you, we also thank Miss. Melanie Brensinger for the donation of a big well equipped first aid box when she was here in November.  We are also grateful to Nicholus Njeru who has so ably been able to administer ARVs and ARTs to the HIV positive mothers. Coptic for partnering with us in providing care and support to guardians living with HIV/AIDS. (GLWHA)          

 First aid box donated by Melanie Brensinger

Consoling the late Enoch’s family in Uganda




      In A tragic accident we recently lost two boys; Enoch and John. We got tremendous support from Mr. & Mrs. Alan Beatie plus Sarah Calvert and her friends. We also thank the rest of you all who prayed for the two families. Enoch was a Ugandan and his body was therefore buried there. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Alan Beatie plus Sarah Calvert and your friends for your support in helping to give these children the burial they deserved.  God Bless them and may they rest in peace.  We will miss them. 

     Mrs. Carol McWilliams and the congregation of 1st Presbyterian Church Moorestown who donates money for the school on quarterly basis to support nutrition and teachers salaries.  Also for the role she has played to make Compass what it is today and the name, Compass. God bless you.




    The Compass staff and board members whose energies toward this cause have yielded such incredible results. Your resilience, your discipline and you devotion has no equal. God bless.

To all the students at Compass, you have been so well behaved and we are so proud of you.

    Boys Soccer team was voted the best under 16 in kenya 


  • We are also indebted to PIT Foundation under the effective leadership of the founder and the President, Melanie Brensinger, for providing scholarships to 6 boys into the best primary school in our area and for sponsoring two students who were in Compass last year into high school. I also thank you Melanie for inviting me there in the USA and for paying my air ticket to mention but a few. What you did was a way beyond the call of duty. Thanks also for your support with the bus and for paying the post office box for Compass. God bless you.
  • Compass is also acknowledging all the support rendered by Hillhall Presbyterian Ireland, Bible Society of Kenya, Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Food for the Hungry Kenya, the Kenya government.

Compass has also been registered by the government of Kenya as an examination centre; this is a big achievement to us and we thank God.

Julius is getting married on May 9th (next month and all of us here at Compass are so happy for him.

In the course of this year, Compass will have a small clinic to be constructed by a group from Northern Ireland between June and July. With this objectives:-


First point of treatment, for minor injuries and illness:

Many of the children suffer from the usual knocks and bumps. How ever these can lead to secondary problems due to lack of basic medical supplies such as antiseptic cream and band aids. Children with AIDS/HIV do not heal as quickly as a healthy normal child and these secondary problems can become a major issue if left untreated.


Female hygiene products and confidential advice:

Imagine not having someone to explain the changes your body goes through as a young girl, as she matures into womanhood. Also the problem of the poverty she lives in, trying to deal with the associated problems. Having an assigned female member of staff to speak to the girls and supply hygiene products would be a life improving exercise and reduce the number of female absentees.


Clinic days:

It is hoped to find a sponsor for a part-time nurse. It is hoped that he/she will be able to hold a clinic every other Saturday, this will enable children, teachers, and the poorest members of the community access to free medical help without facing a long walk to the nearest free clinic. Other charities would also be able to use the facility to give people access to much needed aid.


Having a nurse on site will enable the school to put in place health programs for the children which are specific to each individuals needs. This will include vaccinations, development of special meal regimes to monitor and control malnutrition and improve immunity.


End Stage Home Care:

Unfortunately a number of people, especially parents and guardians are facing imminent death due to AIDS/HIV and this cycle is set to continue. Students at the school often miss days due to caring responsibilities. It is our ambition to train a number of volunteers in the community to provide home care for these people so that their children can continue with their education. They require washing and dressing, prepared food left for the family, as all too often these people die in squalor and their children go hungry because they can no longer provide for them.


Training Centre:

It is also planned to use the clinic to centralise and provide training in the community. The school has been supplied with material on AIDS/HIV awareness e.g. coping with someone with aids. This would be an ideal location to provide structured training in these and other areas.


For more info on this please write to:- 



Until Next Time

God bless you,



David Wakogy, Administrator


Joshua Simon, Projects Director