Hello Everyone,

This is the first Newsletter for the New Compass school. It has 6 parts.  I am going to start with a brief History of our school.

Compass school started several years ago as a feeding project, under the PCEA’s Church of the Torch, in a field where orphans used to congregate next to the Old Church of the Torch, in a small suburb of Nairobi in Kenya Africa. Gradually the feeding program evolved into a full Rehabilitation center for local orphans and impoverished children, complete with a preschool and primary school, feeding and placement program, for approximately 270 children, funded primarily by international Presbytarian missionaries, mostly from the US and Ireland.

My Name is Joshua Simon. I have been volunteering at the school, teaching a method of education which I refer to as Advanced Language Skills Adaptation, or ALSA, for around one and a half years. In short ALSA is a simple technique I developed as a thesis in a college developmental psychology class, and later tested as an undergraduate thesis, designed to develop a photographic memory in children ages 5-12. My students have memorized many psalms, passages of Genesis, Job, and Isaiah, the Kenyan Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, as well as several tracts from Plato’s Republic. Their Progress has been nothing short of phenomenal.

For 5 years the Compass School grew in its outreach to orphans and vulnerable children in abandoned classrooms.  Teachers began their work as volunteers and were happy to be compensated whenever possible.  Mission teams and work groups to Kikuyu and surrounding areas visited the school regularly and its reputation spread to western churches and organizations.  Soon mission teams were coming to Kenya specifically to interact with the school to assist in its mission and ministry.  In 2007 it was necessary to relocate the school to its present location in the village of Thogoto.   This was a difficult decision, but it was apparent that the school's ministry was no longer viable in the decreasing and limited space on the property of the Church.  Therefore, the new location was identified and the school moved.  While some supplies and furniture were released to the Compass School,we are challenged with replacing furnishings and equipment, but work diligently to rebuild the inventory of these supplies. 

Our school has been making huge progress, and the children are doing very well. The local city council has been very supportive of what we are doing, and there is even talk of giving us a 50 year lease on the land at something like kes60,000 per annum, that is just less than GBP 500 per year, or $1000 per year. I have enclosed pictures of the land and school; it is excellent because there is already a school on the land complete with a playground. Indeed the Lord has provided for us, in ways that we could not have imagined, Blessed be His Name forever. We are now officially registered with the Ministry of Social Services as a Self-help Project.


Because of the diligent support of our donors in The USA and Ireland, we have had enough funds to keep the teachers and other employees paid, but we need all the help and support we can get. At this point every month is a miracle.

We have started several projects, to help the school earn money, including a School Uniform production project, and a bead crafts project, and we will soon be raising rabbits, for food and profit. My memory project is coming along very well, and the new 4th grade class is doing excellently. Teachers at the school have complemented the program, saying that it has helped them in all their study subjects. My more advanced students have started on Genesis.

We would like to thank all the friends of the children at Compass School for their diligent support, we could not do it without you.

God Bless You All


Joshua Simon.