Many of our students and their families are Adversely affected By HIV, these are brief introductions of 7 of our students who are affected by this disease with their photographs.

John:  His mother died of HIV AIDS and the father is positive and bed ridden. He has three siblings, his elder brother dropped out of school because he is the sole bread winner of the family. These children have been traumatized for the last five years since the mother had a big wound on her back that had begun to decay and she was bed ridden in their single room for over two years before she died. The father has lost hope and he has immersed himself to alcoholism and smoking.




Ruth:   The sister to John and she is the one who cooks for the family after school, she is in the 5th grade.





Maria:  Her mother died after a long illness and the father and her youngest siblings who are twins are HIV positive. She stayed at home for a whole month during the last month of her mother’s illness since she was the one who was looking after her twin brothers. She is in 1st grade.


Stella:   Her mother died of HIV AIDS. As an orphan she now lives with our social worker, she is in the 8th grade and she’ll be joining high school next year.



                   (no picture)




Moses: Kinuthia is the brightest boy in the 4th grade and he is HIV positive, this boy’s courage has helped the Compass family to see life in a new perspective. His mother is HIV positive, mentally challenged and disabled. This boy is the one who does the entire household chores at home.


William: Both parents are positive, in final stages of AIDS and about to succumb to death. They are currently supported by Compass school with bread and prayer.



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Pinto:  He has a twin brother, parents are deceased and lives with the uncle. The uncle is positive


NB: though local Hospitals have been of great assistance in distributing the ARVS & the ARTS, poverty has become a major setback to the administration in the bodies of the afflicted, this is because they never have a constant and a well scheduled eating habits since to them food is something they struggle to get since there is no employment for them and more often the Compass gives them food for survival.

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