The following is a general overview and future plan of our school, Compass School as concieved by our Chief Administrater David Wakogy.


Thogoto Child Rescue, Rehabilitation, Development Centre

Address: P.O. Box 558 Kikuyu

00902 Kenya


Cell: +254 724 228988

+254 721 373871

+254 722 781190

Faithfulness. Integrity. Hope.


Nurturing lives for God


Preparing and equipping the under privileged children for usefulness in their future stations through an all round, holistic and comprehensive learning for the glory of God


Elevating young lives to a level of achievement and betterment.


The paramount objectives of this establishment includes:-

1: To rescue, rehabilitate and develop orphaned and vulnerable children (O.V.C.).

2: To cater for all problems of human nature that affects the OVC.

3: To improve the standard of living of the OVC

4: To equip these orphaned and vulnerable children for life

5: To empower the guardians of the OVC


The institution is established on the core values of:-

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Honesty

  • Pride


The institution is managed by the board of management with each member playing a vital role ranging from Education to Medicare to Nutrition.

It is also the policy making and strategy implementation panel.

The Administrative & Duties Structure

Talent Development Dept.

Projects Dept.

  • Psychosocial support

  • Nutrition

  • Health

  • Home Visits

  • Child Recruitment

  • HIV/AIDS programs

  • Child Development

  • Guardian’s Literacy program

  • Games & Sports

  • Music & Drama

  • Art & Craft

  • Incoming Generating Projects

  • Vocational

  • Accounts

  • communications

The administrative & duties structure Fig. 1


Social Work Department

  • Psychosocial support

  • Nutrition

The institution provides balanced diet to these children

  • Health

A small clinic will be made whereby the children will be treated in whenever they fall sick. Currently, Children are taken to the nearby Hospital whenever they fall sick.

  • Home Visits

These help the social work department to identify the needs of the home environment, the living standard, the guardian involvement in the well being of the child.

  • Child Recruitment

The enrollment program is solely handled by the social worker.

Academic Department

  • Child Development

Children have the formal system of education recommended by the Ministry of Education for primary school level.

  • Guardian’s Literacy program

There is an adult education program for the guardians of the children we have who will be interested.

Talent Development Department

  • Games & Sports

This started as a department but will later transform into a sports academy in the coming years whereby there will be talent identification strategy in games and sports, professional training will then be put in place.

NB: our boys’ soccer team is the best all over Kikuyu; it has beaten over 64 teams to retain the trophy cup.

  • Music & Drama

Children gifted in Music & Drama are trained on the same. There is therefore;

  1. a dancing troupe

  2. drama club

In future we endeavor to have a brass band troupe courtesy of Compass School boys & scout movement.

  • Art & Craft

This exposes the children to the knowledge and skills of making African etiquettes and drawings.

Project Department

  • Income Generating Projects

The following projects are scheduled to be introduced, tailoring project is already implemented and it is giving the institution an income and also Compass School Uniforms are made here, we hope other projects will follow suit within the next two years :-

Dairy Farming

This project will be introduced to provide milk for the institution, Zero grazing method will be used for the same, and the surplus milk will be sold to earn the institution some income.

Rabbit Keeping

Each boy in the institution will have a minimum of one rabbit which are sold by the ministry of agriculture for commercial purposes. This is project is very marketable.

Baking Project

Some guardians will be the ones charged with this responsibility of baking and marketing cakes, about five bicycles will be bought for the supply purposes.

Brass Band

The introduction of a brass band will enable our children to be invited in such ceremonies as weddings and graduations to perform; in return they will earn income that will help the institution to keep on going.

Food crop Farming

These will mainly be for the vegetable farming; we shall plant vegetables for daily consumption in the institution and also for sale. The guardians will be expected to work on the farm as a way of contributing to their child welfare and development endeavors.

Tailoring project;

There are many primary schools and high schools in our Constituency. This project is now focusing on supplying uniforms to all those institutions. The income from this is projected to cater for the staff salaries and buying of the learning materials within the next three years. The project started one and a half months ago.

  • Vocational

These include carpentry, baking, etc and they will go along way to helping not only the children but the guardians. They are yet to be started.

Funds distribution fig.2

We also target people to sponsor our children, through the sponsorship program; the funds will be distributed as per the diagram above, i.e.

  • Education: - this will cover the cost of books, staff salaries, and all other academic expenses.

  • Nutrition: - the institution will be committed to providing a balanced diet to these children everyday, two meals for the day-backs and 4 meals for the boarders.

  • Social: - these covers; pastoral care programs & fellowships, music and drama, games & sports expenses among many others.

  • Administration: - Shall include electricity & water bills, subordinate staff salaries, etc.

  • Health: - Medical cover for each child will be vital and also the development of a small clinic within the compound.

N: B. With each child receiving US$30 per month, the above proposal is workable; these will in future be supported by the sustainable projects introduced for it is supposed to go for three years only.


The institution has 15 members of staff and 5 members of subordinate staff who work in all the departments and executes all the duties, the staff started as Volunteers but in the course of Compass life, some churched have started to partner with us on this line, we want this to continue for three years, we shall there after, through the income generating projects sustain ourselves.

Staff Development Program

Training and development programs will be aimed at removing performance deficiencies that are as a result of staff inability to perform at the desired level.

This shall be as follows:-

Staff development program Fig.3


  • Boarding Section

This facility will cater for the children who live in absolute destitution, the ones who do not have a place to stay and the candidates sitting for a National examination.

This section shall be under a matron who will stay with them as their mother and give them all the motherly support needed.

  • Play Ground

There will be established a play ground with a soccer, volleyball, netball, basketball and lawn Tennis pitches. This will so much be of importance to the games & sports department.

  • Staff Quarters

Staff quarters will cater for those staff whose presence will be conspicuous in the compound, i.e. Head of the boarding program, Social Worker and the Matron.

  • Dinning Hall

With the construction of a dining hall, the children will have a place to hold devotions, watch Christian’s movies, eat from and also the facility will be rent out to generate some income to the institution.

  • Classrooms

The institution shall be in need of enough classrooms for the purposes of the academic program.

  • Library

Learning resource department in this institution will be needed through the construction of a Library

  • Administration block

The Administration facility will have the following:-

      1. Social Worker’s office

      2. Staff room

      3. Head of the Academic’s office

      4. Head of Talent development’s office

      5. Head of Projects office

      6. Office of the Deputy Administrator

      7. Office of the Administrator.

      8. The reception

  • Store

Good foodstuff storage facility will be needed in the institution; the store will be divided into four rooms.

How to be a partner in compass;

COMPASS believes in four basic ways in which quality of the lives of the Orphaned and vulnerable can be enhanced. For a better life to the needy children, Compass understands the letters L.I.F.E. to stand for;

L”: Labour

COMPASS wishes to have volunteers who give time, talents and who can stand with COMPASS in prayers.

I”: Inspiration and Influence

Your experience and knowledge is highly valued and respected when given through COMPASS missions.

F”: Finances

Your kind donations in form of material, equipment and monies will help the needy improve their lives.

E”: Expertise

Professional volunteers are welcome to give quality services that transform the lives of the needy. Your ideas that will make COMPASS activities much better will be highly appreciated.

The Compass family beliefs that sharing is caring and it is through this belief that we are able to share the little we have for the sake of the Orphaned & Vulnerable Children and thus giving them an opportunity to make a way forward in the Company of our God.

This is done through partnering with us in various ways, e.g. in providing Medicare, food, academic materials, construction of buildings, volunteering, clothing, etc.

All the parties in the partners circle will be furnished with the information on the ground and also involved in the decision making. There will be clarity in the communication flow that will be from the deputy Administrator giving update information of all the developments and happenings of the institution. A website will be designed that will be updated on quarterly bases for the sake of all the partners and the well-wishers.

Sharing is caring Fig. 4

Terms of partnership

  • There will exist a Memorandum of understanding between the partners signed by all the parties represented in the partnership, the MOU will be structured by the parties representatives and adopted by all and for all.

  • There will be a single account whose signatories will be four members of the board with the Treasurer’s signature being mandatory. There will therefore be a professional financial record that shall give account of every coin spent on a given period of the year. There shall exist an independent to

  • This MOU will be renewed after every four years.

  • All the partners will be entitled to a right of information from the New Compass School communication desk.

Prepared by,

David Wakogy