Repairs and Upgrades at Compass School.

We have been working hard to improve the learning environment for the orphans and vulnerable children at New Compass School. We have just recently given the grounds a serious facelift.

The majority of these repairs include, but are not limited to:




Electricity: We have installed electricity to the school, what still remains is for the electricity to be hooked up by the power company, but all the interior work is completed.




New Dividers: We added 2 new dividers to building #2 which gave us four separate classrooms that were much needed and we added blackboards to these classrooms.


New office: because of the new dividers we were able to convert an undersized classroom into our administrative office.












New Doors: we added much needed new doors to building # 2.


Paint: We painted The roof and both buildings to protect them and enhance their appearance.

 New Gutters and Drainage: We fixed the drainage system and the gutters, so that the school doesn’t turn into a mud hole when it rains, and to help preserve the structures and sop erosion, we have also hooked these systems up to our water storage tanks so that we can save water for irrigating our farming project and have water for cleaning dishes, etc.

Fixed watertanks: We fixed both water tanks and made them functional we also hooked them up to our gutters to save on water expenses.


New building suppies, we were able to purchase new building supplies which we will use in a future landscaping project that will endmnify and preserve the grounds of our new school.


Farming project: We have started a farming project, and have planted special trees that do not interfere with agricultural crops in the back of the school


These are most of the repairs and upgrades that we have made at the new compass school. The total cost for these repairs was Ksh 154,000. This is around $2500 US dollars. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support,


Joshua Simon

Director of Special Projects