We have initiated a uniform  sewing project. It is coming along really well.
We are working with a seamstress, and she is training some of the guardians to use the new equipment.  We have 4 sewing machines, and one big machine for making sweaters, as well as some other important machine which I forgot the name of, but I took a picture of it, in fact I have pictures of all the new equipment as well as pictures of the women working on the new machines, and 2 pictures of some the children wearing their new uniforms, and sweaters.  
We would like to thank Margie Roberts in particular for generously donating this wonderful equipment, as well as Nancy Bertram and everyone else at First Presbyterian Church in Lakeland, Florida, for all of their wonderful help and support, God Bless you all.
It is our hope to have all the children clothed in new uniforms within the next few weeks, and at the present rate of production we should easily achieve this goal.
Not only will this new equipment allow us to clothe the children at a fraction of the usual cost, but we also plan on generating significant income for the children and participating guardians by making and selling uniforms to other schools.     
On behalf of Compass School ,
God Bless,
thank you very much,