Monthly News Letter


June 08 pt6 Pics of Kids & School

June 08 pt5 Sewing Project

June 08 pt4 Repairs & upgrades

June 08 pt3 School Asperations

June 08 pt2 HIV/AIDS & our kids

June 08 pt1 Brief History    





Hi Everyone,
It has been a very eventful month.

We are celebrating our registration as an NGO. It is now official. We are registered with the government of Kenya as a Non-Profit NGO. Officially, we are now “The Compass Foundation”. It has been a long and difficult process, almost 1 year, but we have persevered. For those of you who were asking about making donations, We will be changing our accounts over into the name of The Compass Foundation, this way all donations will be tax deductible, we will be circulating an email with our new wiring instructions soon, so please reply to this email if you are interested in this information. For those who are interested in fund-raising, I have included a copy of our registration certificate in this email.

We have made lots of progress, and the children are doing very well.  We have just installed our new gate,  we have built up an area for the new flagpole, and we just tilled a large field behind the school, for planting vegetables to help feed the children, We have repaired all the windows in the compound, we are installing a playground for the children, and we are building fish pods and rabbit hutches for raising fish and rabbits. I have sent some pictures of the projects; they are labeled by date and relevance, for example: “7-18farming” is a picture that was taken July 18th of the farming project.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support.  I have included pictures of some of our new improvements, plus a few of the children.  We have two visitors from Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Beatie(see pictures) From Ireland, many thanks to them their church and their friends for all the amazing support; most of these improvements would not have been possible without their generous donations, and they have actually done much of the hands on work on the new playground for the younger children.

There will be pictures of this wonderful new playground in next month’s newsletter. They are a wonderful couple who has helped, and continues to help our school and our children immensely.

Sewing project update: The sewing project is going excellently, and our visitors have raised money for materials, it is our hope that we will be selling uniforms by the end of next month. And will keep everyone informed on its continued progress.

Rabbit Project: We are getting ready to start breeding and farming rabbits.   We are building several hutches, and cages for the rabbits.  we have been researching the project and will be sourcing the rabbits from the top breeder in Kenya.  We will start building the hutches next month.  Rabbits are very lucrative in Kenya, and because of our situation they are an excellent choice for us.  Because we use so many kales and cabbages to feed the children, and there is much waste, from these plants, we can feed the rabbits primarily from this waste material, and also the children can help gather local weeds that are palatable to the rabbits, hence the cost of purchasing food, and rearing these rabbits should be minimal.   We will be breeding a rare and valuable variety of giant rabbit that weighs up to 8 kilos, and is in very high demand right now
in Kenya.  In addition to providing source income, these rabbits will also make an excellent food source for the children.

Farming Project:  We have already started the first phase of our farming project(see pictures). fortunately our school is located on very fertile ground, and we are taking advantage of this by using a large space behind the school to farm vegetables for the children.  We will be doing crop rotations to maintain nitrogen in the soil, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Beatie for.  We plan on farming Greens such as Kales and spinach, beans, as well as several other nutritious crops for the children.  We also plan on planting several avocado trees to provide the children with essential lipids for their diet.

Fish Project:  We have started building 2 fish pods (see pictures) on the school property, that will be  used for  producing fish.  The agricultural ministry has found a cheap and easy way to produce tilapia, and we are adopting their techniques; each pod can produce 1000 tilapia every 3 months.
we will be rotating the fish harvest through the pods in such a way so as to enable us to harvest 1000 fish every 1and 1/2 months. This project will supply valuable nutrition for the children, as well as income.

Building Projects:  We have built a flagpole for the children and our school, our gate is almost completed, and we are fixing all the windows in the school.  Also we are building terraces and will be putting gravel down in the front to cut down on the mud.

We are building a new gate, for security, we have replaced all the broken windows in the school, and we just installed our flagpole and a heart shaped planting bed to beautify our grounds(please see pictures of these projects).


Over all things are going very well, God has blessed our school this month, and we would like to thank everyone once again for all the wonderful support, we could not do it without you.

God bless you all,