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July 08   Newsletter


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 First quarter 2009

Greetings From Compass School.  We have made some amazing progress  this year.


I still have some work to do on the website but it is 80% complete, and you can even make a donation through the website.  Many of you have been requesting for an easy way to make a donation, prior to this website, wiring money was the only option, a viable option, however it costs about $40, so unless you are donating in excess of $1000, it is much cheaper to make a donation on the website, all you need is a credit card or visa debit card.

We have been making lots of positive steps at compass school towards achieving our goals. I have been working closely with our local member of Parliament to get a long lease from city council, on theschool land, and it looks as though we will be achieving our goal very soon. 

 The compass school has steadily been evolving thanks to the wonderful support of its donars.  We have been making huge progress on all of our projects.  Our Flagpole is officially finished.  We fly the Kenyan Flag every Monday and Friday, as is the tradition among schools in Kenya.  Pictured to the left is our children on Friday participating in the closing Flag Ceremony at the end of the school week.  

 Pictured above and to the left is some of our new landscaping, as you can see we have created terraces and steps from to the upper feild and classes.  These improvements not only help beautify the school ground but also serve to direct drainage and stop erosion.  We have also installed fences to provide boundries and protect the children at play.

 We have installed a new playground as picutured above, for the new children.  Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs Beatie from Ireland who spent the better part of a week building this wonderful playground with their own two hands.  As you can see the children absolutely love it, and spend hours every day playing on the swingsets, slides, and jungle gym.



For the older children we have installed a volley ball court.  Volley ball has become an important part of these childrens'  physical  education, as well as their leisure activity.




We have built 3 new buildings at the back of the school, a rabbit hutch, a new kitchen, and sleeping quarters for our security guard/groundskeeper.

  Above are two photographs of our new rabbit hutches.  These hutches will house the rabbits for our rabbit project, this project will provide valuable source income and nutrition for our children.  These hutches will hold up to 300 rabbits.





This is our new kitchen, inside is valuable ample storage space for firewood and foodstuff as well as a woodstove for cooking, the guardian/cooks are grateful for this new kitchen, as are the children.

  Our fish pod is coming along very well as you can see. We have fenced it to protect the children from the water and the fish from predators, and we have put screen mesh on top to keep out the birds.  We have lined the pool with polyethylene plastic to keep the water from draining away through the soil.  Soon we will fill the pod with water, and introduce an algae culture, then we will introduce 1000 baby fish.  Soon we will be harvesting fish to feed the children. 

  This is what has been going on at Compass school for the last couple of months.  Other news:  Soon the children will be taking their endyear exams.  We have been organizing for the children to sit in at a neighboring school, as we are not yet crtified as a test center.  Rotarians have donated a bus to our school, which we will be using for many income generating projects.  More about that next month, be sure to check out our website,

Until next month,

God Bless you,

Thank You,