Farming Project:  We have already started the first phase of our farming project.  Fortunately our school is located on very fertile ground, and we are taking advantage of this by using a large space behind the school to farm vegetables for the children.  We will be doing crop rotations to maintain nitrogen in the soil, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Beatie for.  We plan on farming Greens such as Kales and spinach, beans, as well as several other nutritious crops for the children.  We also plan on planting several avocado trees to provide the children with essential lipids for their diet.


Building Projects:  We have built a flagpole for the children and our school, our gate is completed, and  thanks to our donars we have recently fixed all of  the windows in the school.  Also we are building terraces and have put down gravel down in the front to cut down on the mud.

We have built a new gate, for security, and several planting beds to beautify our grounds. We have replaced all the broken windows in the school.

 Fish Project:  We have started building a fish pond on the school property, that will be  used for  producing fish.  The agricultural ministry has found a cheap and easy way to produce tilapia, and we are adopting their techniques; each pond can produce 1000 tilapia every 3 months.
we will be rotating the fish harvest through the ponds in such a way so as to enable us to harvest 1000 fish every 1and 1/2 months. This project will supply valuable nutrition for the children, as well as income.

Update: Although we have never been able to harvest 1000 fish,  The fish project has been coming along, we are set to harvest several hundred tilapia within the next month or two.  Below is an updated picture taken in September of 2011

 Chicken Project: Initially we had built a rabbit hutch for raising rabbits.  Unfortunately we had trouble maintaining healthy rabbits, so recently with the help of our donars in Canada, we have been able to revamp the rabbit hutch and convert it into a chicken coop.  This project is still at its beginning phases but it is very promising.




Greenhouse Project:  We have recently made an addition to our farming project, special thanks to the Walters and Hillhall Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland for sponsoring this project.

It is our hope that this new greenhouse will help us produce nutritious food for the children in the coming years.  These seedlings are  a modest start.