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This is a new page so that friends of Compass can see what our school and our children are doing anywhere in the world.

ALSA Recital: Psalm 23


Advanced Language Skills Adaptation (ALSA) was developed by Joshua Simon as an undergraduate thesis.  It is a simple method for developing motor language skills, particularly in the area of memory and information retrieval.

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In this Psalm King David teaches us that happiness comes from avoiding the wicked, and bad deeds and following the path of the righteous and by studying the teachings of the Lord.He teaches us in this Palm that the Righteous are like strong trees planted beside water, whereas the wicked are like chaff that the wind blows away.

Greenhouse Project: 2nd Video


  We are doing a project utilizing the Mittleider Gardening Method of micro farming where we will be growing tomatoes.

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Special thanks to the Hillhall Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland, for donating this wonderful Greenhouse.

This is the Compass Youtube Channel introduction.


We will be updating this page every week with videos of our school activities and the children.

Child Activities: Playing a game called Kati


The Child Activities Pages of our Youtube Channel is dedicated to all manner of school activities for the children, from arts and crafts to sports, drama, and other activities.

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It is recess and the children are playing a game called Kati.
the object is for person in the middle to stack all the cups before getting hit by the ball.

 Garden Project: 3rd Video


In this video Head Teacher Aggrey discusses the progress of the new spinach patch and shows us how much the pumpkins have grown.

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The purpose of the Garden Project is to grow food for the children  and to give them an introduction to food cultivation and Horticulture.